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Virtual Assistant VS Personal Assistant – Making the Distinction

Posted by Jay GuestJanuary 30, 2020

Realising you need some help in your business is the first step to regaining control and that often elusive commodity, time. Have you thought about the kind of assistance your business would benefit from the most?

Support for administrative tasks is usually the first port of call for businesses looking to maximise time and improve efficiency. This kind of work is often carried out by a personal assistant (PA) or a virtual assistant (VA). Whilst the roles carried out are similar, the way a PA and VA works differs. I’m here to shed some light on this sometimes confusing subject.

Whether you employ a PA or work with a VA, choosing the person with the right skill set is extremely important. General day to day admin tasks such as diary management, email management and scheduling/making phone calls are often a prerequisite of this type of role…but what are your exact requirements? Do you need help with social media? Do you travel a lot in business and need a perfectly planned itinerary? Or maybe you need help with blogs? It’s so important that the person you choose does everything your business requires.

So, we come to the big question PA or VA? I like to think of these two roles in terms of mobile phone contracts. PAs are like fixed-term contracts, whereas VAs are akin to a ‘pay as you go’ style. So let’s look at what you get with a PA. You’re getting someone that’s based in your office, and works standard hours (think Dolly Parton style). You’re working alongside each other, so getting in touch is quick and easy, and you know that your PA is only working for your business. Hiring a PA means that you’re hiring a member of staff. They’ll expect a regular salary (and associated benefits such as holiday pay), and you’ll need to provide equipment to allow them to get on with their work. This could mean purchasing a computer, desk and paying for internet access too. They’ll only be to hand during their set working hours, so in an emergency you may find you’re having to complete work on their behalf.

A VA works remotely, and only when you need them (often on an hourly basis) meaning they’re cheaper to use. A VA comes readily equipped with their own equipment, saving you money here too. Many VAs will work out with normal working hours, and can start work fairly quickly as there’s no waiting for payroll etc to clear. A VA will often interact over phone, email or video calls, and can work across a range of locations – especially useful if your business operates from different places. However, it’s not uncommon for businesses to never meet their VA in person, and highly likely that a VA works with a number of different clients. Consequently, you won’t be getting their full and undivided attention, although that’s not saying that the quality of work will be compromised in any way.

Pink Star PA provides a high quality VA service that works in just the way your business needs. Get in contact to see what I can do for you.

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