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Behind the Scenes with Pink Star PA

Posted by Jay GuestApril 1, 2020

There’s more to being a Virtual Assistant (VA) then meets the eye. Being virtual means that I can work remotely and alongside businesses based anywhere in the UK - often a huge advantage to my clients. However, my reality is often busy and at times can be a bit of a juggling act – ensuring all my work is completed on time and to a high standard, whilst also managing the day-to-day jobs that need to be done. Come and find out how I spend my days, and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of being a VA.

My days always start bright and early, sometimes from 5:30am. I’m the quintessential early bird, and I like to get a head start on work where I can – especially when the day ahead is jam packed. Early starts are often accompanied by a nice and hot cup of coffee…this caffeine injection is just what I need to hit the ground running.

As well as being a VA, I am also a Mum to two little ones. Their mornings start at 7:30am, which always means that chaos is never far away! It’s just as well I’ve been up before them, as until we’ve walked to school and I’ve returned home, there’s not much time for anything else.

It’s just after 9am that my work as a VA begins again. I’ll carry out tasks for my clients according to their needs. From email management to organising their diaries to making any calls or scheduling appointments, I cater to their every need. Being a VA, it’s vital that I’m as on top of things as I can be. Many of my clients rely on me to manage their diaries and keep them on the right track, so I always make sure I’m available to speak to them whenever they need me.

On days when my little boy isn’t in nursery, my work is often peppered with time where we play games and I make sure that he’s behaving himself. He has been known to use my kitchen floor and my cupboards as his own personal canvas for painting, so I’ve always got my eye on him! I make sure that lunchtime is spent with him, so from 11:45 until 12pm you’ll find us both scoffing away! Work continues again until just before 3pm when it’s time to head back to school to pick up my daughter.

When we arrive back home, it’s playtime for them and worktime for me. I might speak to some of my clients, source any suppliers that are required or even help my clients with some shopping if they need it.

My husband arrives home at around 5pm, and starts on dinner, giving me more time to, yes, you guessed it…continue to work. Our teamwork is crucial to help me power through my tasks and keep Pink Star PA running smoothly and efficiently. I usually finish work for the day at 6pm, although some evenings you might find me working until later on at night to finish things off and plan my social media content.

Working the way I do is challenging, but also very rewarding. When I finish work for the day, I know that I’ve helped save my clients time by taking on their administrative tasks, hopefully saving them unnecessary stress and hassle. I also know I’m around for my family when they need me, and there’s no better balance than that.

If you want to find out more about how a VA could help your business, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I’m waiting to hear from you.

Already interested? Call Jay today on 07510 589 911
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