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6 Ways To Avoid Tiredness At Work After Eating

Posted by Jay GuestSeptember 16, 2019

Too much time being seated, slouched and staring at the computer screen can be detrimental to our bodies. It effects physical and mental health. The dreaded afternoon slump, when you just want to curl up and sleep after lunch happens to the best of us.

Tiredness after eating is quite common but can be reduced.

Here are my top 6 tips on how to avoid being tired at work after lunch.

1.     Chew

Chewing a piece of gum has been proved to help people stay awake and attentive in situations of boredom. This also stimulates blood flow to the head.

2.     Avoid Caffeine

You would think that this would keep you awake but this can actually make you feel wound up as well as tired, so try decaffeinated drinks or fruity teas. Caffeine can also play a big part in your sleeping pattern.

3.     Drink plenty of water

Dehydration zaps energy and has been shown to decrease concentration. Set a reminder on your phone to fill up on water every so often. Headaches can sometimes be a cause of not enough fluids.

4.     Food for thought.

Apples, avocados and blueberries are some of the foods that will help stop you feeling tired all the time, so snacking on these bad boys may benefit you if your feeling a little sluggish.

Apples are rich in fructose and will supply a steady supply of energy to your brain and body for longer.

Avocados are high in fat (healthy fat) but increase the blood flow to the brain. They also provide more protein than most fruits.

Blueberries are energising and can boost your brain function. They also convert carbohydrates and fats into energy.

5.     Exercising

Exercising after lunch may be the last thing on your mind. I don’t mean run a marathon or spend 20 minutes on the rowing machine (although a lot of people do this) but any exercise that gets the blood pumping. This will create more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. A brisk walk or taking the stairs when you can will do the trick.

6.     Eat Often

Eating regular healthy meals and snacks can boost metabolism and keeps you energised. Preparing snacks to take to work can be beneficial as this will avoid the temptation of eating from the canteen or vending machines. Eating slowly also increases satisfaction and your need to overeat decreases.


So next time you feel tired, drowsy or just sluggish at work, try some of my tips and see if they help.

They are not miracle cures but worth trying.

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